Kossi Kini
  • PostDoc, Plant Pathology, University of Montpellier, 2020
Research fields
  • Plant Pathology
Personal information


PhD, University of Montpellier, France, 2019


• Bangratz, M., Wonni, I., Kini, K., Sondo, M., Brugidou, C., Bena, G., Gnacko, F., Barro, M., Koebnik, R., Silue, D. and Tollenaere, C. (2020). Design of a new multiplex PCR assay for rice pathogenic bacteria detection and its application to infer disease incidence and detect co-infection in rice fields in Burkina Faso. PLoS One 15(4): e0232115.
• Kini, K. (2018). Pantoea spp : a new bacterial threat to rice production in sub-Saharan Africa (phdthesis). Université Montpellier.
• Oludare, A., Hospice Tamegnon, T., Kossi, K. and Drissa, S. (2016). Diversity of Rice yellow mottle virus in Benin and Togo and Screening for Resistant Accessions. Phytopathologische Zeitschrift 164(11-1): 924-935.
• Kini, K., Agnimonhan, R., Afolabi, O., Milan, B., Soglonou, B., Gbogbo, V., Koebnik, R. and Silué, D. (2017). First Report of a New Bacterial Leaf Blight of Rice Caused by Pantoea ananatis and Pantoea stewartii in Benin. Plant Disease 101(1): 242-242.
• Kini, K., Agnimonhan, R., Dossa, R., Silué, D. and Koebnik, R. (2018). A diagnostic multiplex PCR scheme for identification of plant-associated bacteria of the genus Pantoea. bioRxiv: 456806.
• Kini, K., Agnimonhan, R., Dossa, R., Soglonou, B., Gbogbo, V., Ouedraogo, I., Kpemoua, K., Traoré, M., Silue, D. (2017). First report of Sphingomonas sp. causing bacterial leaf blight of rice in Benin, Burkina Faso, The Gambia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania and Togo. New Dis Reps 35, 32–32.
• Kini, K., Dossa, R., Dossou, B., Mariko, M., Koebnik, R., Silué, D. (2019). A semi-selective medium to isolate and identify bacteria of the genus Pantoea. J Gen Plant Pathol 85, 424–427.
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