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Peer-reviewed protocols
Protocols published in the Bio-protocol journal

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Fernando L. Gordillo AltamiranoJeremy J. Barr
Preprint protocols
Protocols submitted to Bio-101 without peer review

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Special Issues
A comprehensive collection of detailed, peer-reviewed protocols focused on an application

Concise protocols
Protocols extracted from primary research articles

Featured protocol
Bio-protocol Journal
An online peer-reviewed protocol journal that curates high-quality life science protocols.

What if you can NOT find what you want ?
Request a Protocol (RaP)
Request a Protocol (RaP)
This feature helps you contact authors and request the protocol you need directly from the “Materials and Methods” section of a relevant article.
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RaP Partners
Bio-protocol has collaborated with its partners to make it easier to view and request detailed protocols directly from published articles.
"AAAS and Science have always recognized the importance of protocols as a key factor in reproducibility, and for this reason, we are partnering with Bio-protocol to further encourage exchanges between scientists."
---Bill Moran, Publisher, Science family journals
"This relatively small improvement will help save everyone's time and enable greater reproducibility in research."
--- eLife
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