Brooke Anne Pereira
  • Post-Doc, Garvan Institute of Medical Research Darlinghurst, 2010
Personal information


PhD, Monash University, 2019

Lab information

Paul Timpson Lab.
Cancer invasion and metastasis occur in a complex three dimensional environment, with reciprocal feedback from the surrounding host tissue and stroma governing cancer cell behaviour. Understanding this behaviour in an intact host setting allows us to examine, in a more physiological context, the aberrant regulation of critical events that lead to dissemination and spread of the primary tumour. Intravital (in vivo) imaging is providing new insights on how cells behave in their native microenvironment thereby improving our understanding of disease progression.

In our laboratory we use novel state-of-the-art intravital imaging approaches and new fluorescent mouse models to uncouple the metastatic process into key stages in order to pinpoint critical events that drive tumour invasion and metastasis. Our approach permits real-time imaging ranging from whole body tumour progression to single-cell invasion events, and helps us to understand how tumour cell (a) dissociation (b) invasion or (c) progression are controlled and how this is linked to the development of invasive or metastatic cancer.

Research focus

tumour environment, cancer modelling,

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