Titouan Bonnot
  • Research Associate, INRAE - Dijon, Agroecology
Research fields
  • Plant Science, -
Personal information


Ph.D in Plant Biology, Université Clermont Auvergne, France, 2016


• Bonnot T., Blair E., Cordingley S. J., Nagel D. H. (2021) Circadian coordination of cellular processes and abiotic stress responses. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 64:102133.
• Bonnot T., Nagel D. H. (2021). Time of day prioritizes the pool of translating mRNAs in response to heat stress. The Plant Cell 33(7):2164–2182
• Bonnot T., Martre P., Hatte V., Dardevet M., Leroy P., Bénard C., Falagán N., Martin-Magniette M. L., Deborde C, Moing A., Gibon Y., Pailloux M., Bancel E., Ravel C. (2020) Omics data reveal putative regulators of einkorn grain protein composition under sulfur deficiency. Plant Phys 183(2):501-516.
• Mody T.*, Bonnot T.*, Nagel D. H. (2020) Interactions between the circadian clock and regulators of heat stress responses in plants. Genes 11(2): 156.
• Bancel E., Bonnot T., Davanture M., Alvarez D., Zivy M., Martre P., Déjean S. and Ravel C. (2019) Proteomic Data Integration Highlights Central Actors Involved in Einkorn (Triticum monococcum ssp. monococcum) Grain Filling in Relation to Grain Storage Protein Composition. Front Plant Sci 10: 832.
• Blair E. J., Bonnot T., Hummel M., Hay E., Marzolino J. M., Quijada I. A. and Nagel D. H. (2019) Contribution of time of day and the circadian clock to the heat stress responsive transcriptome in Arabidopsis. Sci Rep 9(1): 4814.
• Bonnot T., Bancel E., Alvarez D., Davanture M., Boudet J., Pailloux M., Zivy M., Ravel C. and Martre P. (2017) Grain subproteome responses to nitrogen and sulfur supply in diploid wheat Triticum monococcum ssp. monococcum. Plant J 91(5): 894-910.
• Bonnot T., Bancel E., Chambon C., Boudet J., Branlard G. and Martre P. (2015) Changes in the nuclear proteome of developing wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grain. Front Plant Sci 6: 905.
• Bancel E., Bonnot T., Davanture M., Branlard G., Zivy M. and Martre P. (2015) Proteomic Approach to Identify Nuclear Proteins in Wheat Grain. J Proteome Res 14(10): 4432-4439.
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