Gang Long
  • Institut Pasteur of Shanghai
Research fields
  • Microbiology
Personal information


Ph.D in virology, Wageningen University, Netherlands, 2007

Current position

Principle Investigator of the unit of virus assembly and host, Key laboratory of molecular virology and immunology, Institute Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Jiang, W., Muhammad, F., Ma, P., Liu, X. and Long, G. (2018). Sofosbuvir inhibits hepatitis A virus replication in vitro assessed by a cell-based fluorescent reporter system. Antiviral Res 154: 51-57.
  2. Zhang, F., Hu, Z., Li, G., Huo, S., Ma, F., Cui, A., Xue, Y., Han, Y., Gong, Q., Gao, J., Bian, H., Meng, Z., Wu, H., Long, G., Tan, Y., Zhang, Y., Lin, X., Gao, X., Xu, A. and Li, Y. (2018). Hepatic CREBZF couples insulin to lipogenesis by inhibiting insig activity and contributes to hepatic steatosis in diet-induced insulin-resistant mice. Hepatology.
  3. Levander, S., Holmstrom, F., Frelin, L., Ahlen, G., Rupp, D., Long, G., Bartenschlager, R. and Sallberg, M. (2018). Immune-mediated effects targeting hepatitis C virus in a syngeneic replicon cell transplantation mouse model. Gut 67(8): 1525-1535.
  4. Zhao, F., Zhao, T., Deng, L., Lv, D., Zhang, X., Pan, X., Xu, J. and Long, G. (2017). Visualizing the Essential Role of Complete Virion Assembly Machinery in Efficient Hepatitis C Virus Cell-to-Cell Transmission by a Viral Infection-Activated Split-Intein-Mediated Reporter System. J Virol 91(2).
  5. Zayas, M., Long, G., Madan, V. and Bartenschlager, R. (2016). Coordination of Hepatitis C Virus Assembly by Distinct Regulatory Regions in Nonstructural Protein 5A. PLoS Pathog 12(1): e1005376.
  6. Metz, P., Chiramel, A., Chatel-Chaix, L., Alvisi, G., Bankhead, P., Mora-Rodriguez, R., Long, G., Hamacher-Brady, A., Brady, N. R. and Bartenschlager, R. (2015) Dengue Virus Inhibition of Autophagic Flux and Dependency of Viral Replication on Proteasomal Degradation of the Autophagy Receptor p62. J Virol (15):8026-41.
  7. Lee, J. Y., Acosta, E. G., Stoeck, I. K., Long, G., Hiet, M. S., Mueller, B., Fackler, O. T., Kallis, S. and Bartenschlager, R. (2014). Apolipoprotein E likely contributes to a maturation step of infectious hepatitis C virus particles and interacts with viral envelope glycoproteins. J Virol 88(21): 12422-12437.
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  9. Long, G., Hiet, M. S., Windisch, M. P., Lee, J. Y., Lohmann, V. and Bartenschlager, R. (2011). Mouse hepatic cells support assembly of infectious hepatitis C virus particles. Gastroenterology 141(3): 1057-1066.
  10. Merz, A., Long, G., Hiet, M. S., Brugger, B., Chlanda, P., Andre, P., Wieland, F., Krijnse-Locker, J. and Bartenschlager, R. (2011). Biochemical and morphological properties of hepatitis C virus particles and determination of their lipidome. J Biol Chem 286(4): 3018-3032.
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