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Justine   Marsolier

Justine Marsolier


Ph.D. in Biology-Genetic, Université Paris-Diderot - UMR7216 Epigenetics and cell fate, Paris

Current position

Researcher, UMR7216 Epigenetics and Cell Fate, CNRS/Université Paris-Diderot, France


  1. Medjkane, S., Perichon, M., Marsolier, J., Dairou, J. and Weitzman, J. B. (2013). Theileria induces oxidative stress and HIF1α activation that are essential for host leukocyte transformation. Oncogene.
  2. Marsolier, J., Pineau, S., Medjkane, S., Perichon, M., Yin, Q., Flemington, E., Weitzman, M. D. and Weitzman, J. B. (2013). OncomiR addiction is generated by a miR-155 feedback loop in Theileria-transformed leukocytes. PLoS Pathog 9(4): e1003222.
Protocols by Justine Marsolier
  1. Ki67 Immunofluorescence on Bovine Cell Lines