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Vinay   Panwar

Vinay Panwar


Ph.D. in Plant Sciences, 2008

Current position

Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


  1. Panwar, V., McCallum, B. and Bakkeren, G. (2013). Host-induced gene silencing of wheat leaf rust fungus Puccinia triticina pathogenicity genes mediated by the Barley stripe mosaic virus. Plant Mol Biol 81(6): 595-608.
  2. Panwar, V., McCallum, B. and Bakkeren, G. (2013). Endogenous silencing of Puccinia triticina pathogenicity genes through in planta-expressed sequences leads to the suppression of rust diseases on wheat. Plant J 73(3): 521-532.
  3. Bakkeren, G., Song, X., Panwar, V., Linning, R., Wang, X., Rampitsch, C., McCallum, B., Fellers, J. and Saville, B. (2012). Functional genomic approaches in cereal rusts. Can. J. Plant Pathol. 34(1): 3-12.
  4. Praveen, S., Pawar, V. and Ahlawat, Y. (2003). Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Kinnow mandarin. J Plant Biochem Biotech. 12(2): 163-165.
Protocols by Vinay Panwar
  1. A High Resolution Short Interfering RNA (siRNA) Detection Method from Virus-infected Plants