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Audrey  Le Floc’h

Audrey Le Floc’h


Ph.D. in Immunology, University of Paris 7 – Denis Diderot, Paris, France, 2009

Current position

Postdoctoral Fellow at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA


  1. Le Floc’h. A., Tanaka. Y., Bantilan. N., Voisinne. G., Altan-Bonnet, G., Fukui, Y., Huse, M. (2013). Annular PIP3 accumulation controls actin architecture and modulates cytotoxicity at the immunological synapse. J Exp Med In press
  2. Gasteiger, G., Hemmers, S., Firth, M. A., Le Floc'h, A., Huse, M., Sun, J. C. and Rudensky, A. Y. (2013). IL-2-dependent tuning of NK cell sensitivity for target cells is controlled by regulatory T cells. J Exp Med 210(6): 1167-1178.
  3. Franciszkiewicz, K.*, Le Floc'h, A.*, Boutet, M.*, Vergnon, I., Schmitt, A. and Mami-Chouaib, F. (2013). CD103 or LFA-1 engagement at the immune synapse between cytotoxic T cells and tumor cells promotes maturation and regulates T-cell effector functions. Cancer Res 73(2): 617-628. *Contribute equally to this work
  4. Le Floc'h, A., Jalil, A., Franciszkiewicz, K., Validire, P., Vergnon, I. and Mami-Chouaib, F. (2011). Minimal engagement of CD103 on cytotoxic T lymphocytes with an E-cadherin-Fc molecule triggers lytic granule polarization via a phospholipase Cγ-dependent pathway. Cancer Res 71(2): 328-338.
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  6. Le Floc'h, A., Jalil, A., Vergnon, I., Le Maux Chansac, B., Lazar, V., Bismuth, G., Chouaib, S. and Mami-Chouaib, F. (2007). αEβ7 integrin interaction with E-cadherin promotes antitumor CTL activity by triggering lytic granule polarization and exocytosis. J Exp Med 204(3): 559-570.
Protocols by Audrey Le Floc’h
  1. Protocol for T-cell Adhesion Strength on Tumor Cells under Flow Conditions