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Dominik   Klauser

Dominik Klauser


Ph.D. in Plant Sciences, Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center, expected 10/2013

Current position

Ph.D. candidate in Plant Sciences, Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Publications (to date)

  1. Bartels, S., Lori, M., Mbengue, M., van, Verk. M., Klauser, D., Hander, T., Boni, R., Robatzek, S. and Boller, T. (2013). The family of AtPeps and their precursors in Arabidopsis: differential expression and localization but similar induction of pattern-triggered immune responses. Journal of Experimental Botany In press
  2. Flury, P*., Klauser, D.*, Schulze, B., Boller, T. and Bartels, S. (2013). The anticipation of danger: microbe-associated molecular pattern perception enhances AtPep-triggered oxidative burst. Plant Physiol 161(4): 2023-2035.
  3. Klauser, D., Flury, P., Boller, T. and Bartels, S. (2013). Several MAMPs, including chitin fragments, enhance AtPep-triggered oxidative burst independently of wounding. Plant Signal Behav 8(9).
  4. Korner, C. J.*, Klauser, D.*, Niehl, A., Dominguez-Ferreras, A., Chinchilla, D., Boller, T., Heinlein, M. and Hann, D. (2013). The immunity regulator BAK1 contributes to resistance against diverse RNA viruses. Mol Plant Microbe Interact.
  5. Blom, D., Fabbri, C., Connor, E. C., Schiestl, F. P., Klauser, D. R., Boller, T., Eberl, L. and Weisskopf, L. (2011). Production of plant growth modulating volatiles is widespread among rhizosphere bacteria and strongly depends on culture conditions. Environ Microbiol 13(11): 3047-3058.

    *Equal contribution of first authors
Protocols by Dominik Klauser
  1. MAPK Phosphorylation Assay with Leaf Disks of Arabidopsis