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Swapnil R. Shinde

Swapnil R. Shinde


M.Sc., University of Mumbai, India, 2011

Current position

Ph.D. student, Laboratory of Cell Death & Cell Survival (LCDCS), Center for DNA Fingerprinting & Diagnostics (CDFD), India


  1. Kavela, S., Shinde, S. R., Ratheesh, R., Viswakalyan, K., Bashyam, M. D., Gowrishankar, S., Vamsy, M., Pattnaik, S., Rao, S., Sastry, R. A., Srinivasulu, M., Chen, J. and Maddika, S. (2013). PNUTS functions as a proto-oncogene by sequestering PTEN. Cancer Res 73(1): 205-214.
Protocols by Swapnil R. Shinde
  1. PTEN-lipid Binding Assay