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Nathan H. Vande Burgt

Nathan H. Vande Burgt


B.S. Degree in Biology and Biochemistry, Calvin College, 2007

Current position

Graduate student, Department of Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on understanding how the Ebola virus glycoprotein can counteract Tetherin


  1. Haines, K. M., Vande Burgt, N. H., Francica, J. R., Kaletsky, R. L. and Bates, P. (2012). Chinese hamster ovary cell lines selected for resistance to ebolavirus glycoprotein mediated infection are defective for NPC1 expression. Virology 432(1): 20-28.
Protocols by Nathan H. Vande Burgt
  1. HIV-1 Virus-like Particle Budding Assay