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Maryline Raimond


Master, Université de Poitiers

Current position

CNRS Engineer, Lab EBI UMR 7267 CNRS team : Ecologie, Evolution, Symbiose , Université de Poitiers, France


  1. Clec'h, W. L., Raimond, M., Guillot, S., Bouchon, D. and Sicard, M. (2013). Horizontal transfers of feminizing versus non feminizing Wolbachia strains: from harmless passengers to pathogens. Environmental Microbiology. [in press]
  2. Le Clec'h, W., Braquart-Varnier, C., Raimond, M., Ferdy, J. B., Bouchon, D. and Sicard, M. (2012). High virulence of Wolbachia after host switching: when autophagy hurts. PLoS Pathog 8(8): e1002844.
  3. Chevalier, F., Herbiniere-Gaboreau, J., Bertaux, J., Raimond, M., Morel, F., Bouchon, D., Greve, P. and Braquart-Varnier, C. (2011). The immune cellular effectors of terrestrial isopod Armadillidium vulgare: meeting with their invaders, Wolbachia. PLoS One 6(4): e18531.
Protocols by Maryline Raimond
  1. LC3B Labeling on Terrestrial Isopod Adipocytes