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Michelle F. Goody
This photo is credited to Mike Mardosa, Univeristy of Maine

Michelle F. Goody


Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences,  University of Maine, 2012

Current position

Postdoctoral Researcher,  Department of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Maine

Publications (since 2005)

  1. Goody, M. F., Peterman E., Sullivan C., Kim C.H. (2013). Quantification of the  Respiratory Burst Response as an Indicator of Innate Immune Health in  Zebrafish. JoVE. [in press]
  2. Goody, M. F., Kelly, M. W., Reynolds, C. J., Khalil, A., Crawford, B. D. and Henry, C. A. (2012). NAD+ biosynthesis ameliorates a zebrafish model of muscular dystrophy. PLoS Biol 10(10): e1001409.
  3. Goody, M. F., Kelly, M. W., Lessard, K. N., Khalil, A. and Henry, C. A. (2010). Nrk2b-mediated NAD+ production regulates cell adhesion and is required for muscle morphogenesis in vivo: Nrk2b and NAD+ in muscle morphogenesis. Dev Biol 344(2): 809-826.
  4. Goody, M. F. and Henry, C. A. (2010). Dynamic interactions between cells and their extracellular matrix mediate embryonic development. Mol Reprod Dev 77(6): 475-488.
  5. Snow, C. J., Goody, M., Kelly, M. W., Oster, E. C., Jones, R., Khalil, A. and Henry, C. A. (2008). Time-lapse analysis and mathematical characterization elucidate novel mechanisms underlying muscle morphogenesis. PLoS Genet 4(10): e1000219.
Protocols by Michelle F. Goody
  1. Phalloidin Staining and Immunohistochemistry of Zebrafish Embryos
  2. Motility Assay for Zebrafish Embryos