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Isabel A. Muzzio

Isabel A. Muzzio


Ph.D. in Psychology, Rutgers University, 1999

Current position

Assistant Professor in Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, 2008-present

Publications (selected from a total of 18)

  1. Levita, L. and Muzzio, I. A. (2010). Role of the hippocampus in goal-oriented tasks requiring retrieval of spatial versus non-spatial information. Neurobiol Learn Mem 93(4): 581-588.
  2. Muzzio, I. A., Kentros, C. and Kandel, E. (2009). What is remembered? Role of attention on the encoding and retrieval of hippocampal representations. J Physiol 587(Pt 12): 2837-2854.
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  6. Muzzio, I. A., Gandhi, C. C., Manyam, U., Pesnell, A. and Matzel, L. D. (2001). Receptor-stimulated phospholipase A(2) liberates arachidonic acid and regulates neuronal excitability through protein kinase C. J Neurophysiol 85(4): 1639-1647.
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Protocols by Isabel A. Muzzio
  1. Fear Conditioning Assay in Mouse