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Johny  Ijaq

Johny Ijaq


Ph.D in Bioinformatics, Osmania University

Current Position

Ph.D. Fellow in Biochemsitry, Osmania University


  1. Ijaq, J., Chandrasekharan, M., Poddar, R., Bethi, N. and Sundararajan, V. S. (2015). Annotation and curation of uncharacterized proteins- challenges. Front Genet 6: 119.
  2. Ijaq, J., Dhar, S., Madduru, D., Bethi, N. and Vasquez, S. (2016). Role of Hypothetical Proteins in Rare Diseases. Science Spectrum 1(1): 90-92.
Protocols by Johny Ijaq
  1. Protocol for Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Proteins