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Saranya   Subramani

Saranya Subramani


Ph.D in Biochemistry, University of Oslo, Norway

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway, Norway


  1. Subramani, S., Perdreau-Dahl, H. and Morth, J. P. (2016). The magnesium transporter A is activated by cardiolipin and is highly sensitive to free magnesium in vitro. Elife 5.

  2. Rajesh, T., Anthony, T., Saranya, S., Pushpam, P. L. and Gunasekaran, P. (2011). Functional characterization of a new holin-like antibacterial protein coding gene tmp1 from goat skin surface metagenome. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 89(4): 1061-1073.

Protocols by Saranya Subramani
  1. Heterologous Expression and Purification of the Magnesium Transporter A (MgtA) in Escherichia coli