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Hannah E Thomasy

Hannah E Thomasy


BA, summa cum laude, Behavioral Neuroscience, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 2012

Current position

PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of Washington, Seattle, WA


  1. Thomasy, H. E., Febinger, H. Y. Ringgold, K. M., Gemma, C. and Opp, M. R. (2016). Hypocretinergic and cholinergic contributions to sleep-wake disturbances in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury. Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms.

  2. Febinger, H. Y., Thomasy, H. E., Pavlova, M. N., Ringgold, K. M., Barf, P. R., George, A. M., Grillo, J. N., Bachstetter, A. D., Garcia, J. A., Cardona, A. E., Opp, M. R. and Gemma, C. (2015). Time-dependent effects of CX3CR1 in a mouse model of mild traumatic brain injury. J Neuroinflammation 12: 154.

Protocols by Hannah E Thomasy
  1. A Controlled Cortical Impact Mouse Model for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury