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Efrat  Oni-Biton

Efrat Oni-Biton


MSc in Human Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University 1998

Current position

Lab Manager, Dept. Neurobiology, Weizmann Institute, Israel


  1. Lavon, I., Sheinin, T., Meilin, S., Biton, E., Weksler, A., Efroni, G., Bar-Joseph, A., Fink, G. and Avraham, A. (2003). A novel synthetic cannabinoid derivative inhibits inflammatory liver damage via negative cytokine regulation. Mol Pharmacol 64(6): 1334-1341.

Protocols by Efrat Oni-Biton
  1. Acute Live/Dead Assay for the Analysis of Toxic Effects of Drugs on Cultured Neurons