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Jessica M. Guseman

Jessica M. Guseman


Ph. D. in Biology, University of Washington Seattle, 2014

Current position

Research Molecular Biologist, Post-Doc, Dardick Lab


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  2. Guseman, J. M., Hellmuth, A., Lanctot, A., Feldman, T. P., Moss, B. L., Klavins, E., Calderon Villalobos, L. I. and Nemhauser, J. L. (2015). Auxin-induced degradation dynamics set the pace for lateral root development. Development 142(5): 905-909.

  3. Havens, K. A., Guseman, J. M., Jang, S. S., Pierre-Jerome, E., Bolten, N., Klavins, E. and Nemhauser, J. L. (2012). A synthetic approach reveals extensive tunability of auxin signaling. Plant Physiol 160(1): 135-142.

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Protocols by Jessica M. Guseman
  1. A Live-imaging, Heat Shock-inducible System to Measure Aux/IAA Degradation Rates in Planta