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Shuai  Yuan

Shuai Yuan


Ph.D student, South China Botanical Garden, the Chinese Academy of Science.

Current position

He is a Ph.D student who studies the reproductive ecology and evolutionary biology of heterostylous species.


  1. Xu, Y., Yuan, S., Hu, C. M. and Hao, G. (2014). Primula dejuniana (Primulaceae), a New Species from Sichuan, China. Annales Botanici Fennici 51 (6): 372-374
  2. Luo, Z., Duan, T., Yuan, S., Chen, S., Bai, X. and Zhang, D. (2015). Reproductive isolation between sympatric sister species, Mussaenda kwangtungensis and M. pubescens var. alba. J Integr Plant Biol 57(10): 859-870.
Protocols by Shuai Yuan
  1. Identification of Natural Hybrids by SSR Markers in Mussaenda