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Jason Liang Pin Ng

Jason Liang Pin Ng


Ph.D. in Plant Science, The Australian National University, 2015

Current position

Associate Professor in Plant Science, Research School of Biology, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia


  1. Ng, J. L., Hassan, S., Truong, T. T., Hocart, C. H., Laffont, C., Frugier, F. and Mathesius, U. (2015). Flavonoids and Auxin Transport Inhibitors Rescue Symbiotic Nodulation in the Medicago truncatula Cytokinin Perception Mutant cre1. Plant Cell 27(8): 2210-2226.
  2. Ng, J. L., Perrine-Walker, F., Wasson, A. P. and Mathesius, U. (2015). The Control of Auxin Transport in Parasitic and Symbiotic Root-Microbe Interactions. Plants (Basel) 4(3): 606-643.
Protocols by Jason Liang Pin Ng
  1. Measuring Auxin Transport Capacity in Seedling Roots of Medicago truncatula
  2. Quantifying Auxin Metabolites in Young Root Tissue of Medicago truncatula by Liquid Chromatography Electrospray-ionisation Quadrupole Time-of-flight (LC-ESI-QTOF) Tandem Mass Spectrometry