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Isabelle  Colas

Isabelle Colas


Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology, John Innes Centre / UEA, United Kingdom, 2008 

Current position

Postdoc, Plant Molecular Geneticist, The James Hutton Institute

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Baker, K., Dhillon, T., Colas, I., Cook, N., Milne, I., Milne, L., Bayer, M. and Flavell, A. J. (2015). Chromatin state analysis of the barley epigenome reveals a higher-order structure defined by H3K27me1 and H3K27me3 abundance. Plant J 84(1): 111-124.
  2. Phillips, D., Jenkins, G., Macaulay, M., Nibau, C., Wnetrzak, J., Fallding, D., Colas, I., Oakey, H., Waugh, R. and Ramsay, L. (2015). The effect of temperature on the male and female recombination landscape of barley. New Phytol 208(2): 421-429.
  3. Luke, R., Isabelle, C., Robbie, W. (2014). Modulation of Meiotic Recombination. Biotechnological Approaches to Barley Improvement, Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry ed Kumlehn JS, N.), Vol 69, pp 311-319.
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  5. Barakate, A., Higgins, J. D., Vivera, S., Stephens, J., Perry, R. M., Ramsay, L., Colas, I., Oakey, H., Waugh, R., Franklin, F. C., Armstrong, S. J. and Halpin, C. (2014). The synaptonemal complex protein ZYP1 is required for imposition of meiotic crossovers in barley. Plant Cell 26(2): 729-740.
  6. Colas, I., Koroleva, O., Shaw, P.J. (2010). Mass spectrometry in plant proteomic analysis. Plant Biosystems 144(3), 703-714.
Protocols by Isabelle Colas
  1. Cytology and Microscopy: Immunolocalization of Covalently Modified Histone Marks on Barley Mitotic Chromosomes