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Shin Jae Chang


Ph.D., School of Agriculture and Food Systems, The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2004

Current position

Vice president, Biotechnology Research Institute, Celltrion, Inc., South Korea


Selected papers (4 of 17)

  1. Wu, Y., Cho, M., Shore, D., Song, M., Choi, J., Jiang, T., Deng, Y. Q., Bourgeois, M., Almli, L., Yang, H., Chen, L. M., Shi, Y., Qi, J., Li, A., Yi, K. S., Chang, M., Bae, J. S., Lee, H., Shin, J., Stevens, J., Hong, S., Qin, C. F., Gao, G. F., Chang, S. J. and Donis, R. O. (2015). A potent broad-spectrum protective human monoclonal antibody crosslinking two haemagglutinin monomers of influenza A virus. Nat Commun 6: 7708.
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  3. Lee, H. J., Chang, M., Kim, J. M., Hong, H., Maeng, K., Koo, J., Chang, S. and Cho, M. S. (2013). Application of a new human cell line, F2N78, in the transient and stable production of recombinant therapeutics. Biotechnol Prog 29(2): 432-440.
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Patents (2 of 54)

  1. Chang, S. J., Kwon, K. S., Yi, K. S., Lee, H. J., Jeon, J. W., Jun, H. K. and Chang, M. S. Binding molecules having influenza A virus-neutralizing activity produced from human B cells. US Patent 14/348,284 assigned to Celltrion, Inc.
  2. Chang, S. J., Kim, J. M., Yi, K. S. and Jun, H. K. Human monoclonal antibodies derived from human B cells and having neutralizing activity against influenza A viruses. US Patent 13/583,529 assigned to Celltrion, Inc.
Protocols by Shin Jae Chang
  1. Haemagglutination Inhibition (HI) Assay of Influenza Viruses with Monoclonal Antibodies
  2. Micro Neutralization (MN) Assay of Influenza Viruses with Monoclonal Antibodies