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Takashi  Kawase

Takashi Kawase


Ph.D., Graduate school of Science, Kyoto University. Japan, 2015

Current position

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Systems Science, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan


  1. Kawase, T., Sugano, S. S., Shimada, T. and Hara-Nishimura, I. (2015). A direction-selective local-thresholding method, DSLT, in combination with a dye-based method for automated three-dimensional segmentation of cells and airspaces in developing leaves. Plant J 81(2): 357-366.
  2. Yamaoka, S., Shimono, Y., Shirakawa, M., Fukao, Y., Kawase, T., Hatsugai, N., Tamura, K., Shimada, T. and Hara-Nishimura, I. (2013). Identification and dynamics of Arabidopsis adaptor protein-2 complex and its involvement in floral organ development. Plant Cell 25(8): 2958-2969.
Protocols by Takashi Kawase
  1. Differential and Simultaneous Visualization of Cells and Airspaces in Plant Leaves