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Jared T. Aldridge

Jared T. Aldridge


B.S. in Biochemistry (ACS), St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN, 2012

Current position

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska (08/2013-present)


  1. Shea, M. T., Walter, M. E., Duszenko, N., Ducluzeau, A. L., Aldridge, J., King, S. K. and Buan, N. R. (2016). pNEB193-derived suicide plasmids for gene deletion and protein expression in the methane-producing archaeon, Methanosarcina acetivorans. Plasmid 84-85: 27-35.
Protocols by Jared T. Aldridge
  1. Methods for Detecting Microbial Methane Production and Consumption by Gas Chromatography