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Elisa Derboven


Ph.D. student in the international Ph.D. Programme in Molecular Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria, 2013

Current position

Corporate Trainee at Octapharma, Vienna, Austria (2014-present)


  1. Derboven, E., Ekker, H., Kusenda, B., Bulankova, P. and Riha, K. (2014). Role of STN1 and DNA polymerase alpha in telomere stability and genome-wide replication in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genet 10(10): e1004682.
  2. Fulcher, N., Derboven, E., Valuchova, S. and Riha, K. (2014). If the cap fits, wear it: an overview of telomeric structures over evolution. Cell Mol Life Sci 71(5): 847-865.
  3. Kazda, A., Zellinger, B., Rossler, M., Derboven, E., Kusenda, B. and Riha, K. (2012). Chromosome end protection by blunt-ended telomeres. Genes Dev 26(15): 1703-1713.
Protocols by Elisa Derboven
  1. Analysis of Telomeric G-overhangs by in-Gel Hybridization