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Frances  Kittrell

Frances Kittrell


Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Southwestern University, 1972

Current position

Research Associate, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Baylor College of Medicine, the laboratory of Daniel Medina. (1975- 2013)
Former Board President of The Beacon (homeless outreach center) and the Houston Chamber Choir. Has served on the Vestry of Christ Church Cathedral and is a 35-year member of the Cathedral Choir. Founding board member of Galena Park Striders. Currently serves on the boards of Ascension Hermitage and the Houston Chamber Choir.

Publications (selected from recent publications out of >50 total)

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Protocols by Frances Kittrell
  1. Mouse Mammary Intraductal (MIND) Method for Transplantation of Patient Derived Primary DCIS Cells and Cell Lines
  2. Whole Mammary Gland Transplantation in Mice Protocol
  3. Pituitary Isograft Transplantation in Mice