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Elena Marin


Ph.D. in Plant Biology, Paris XI, Orsay University, 1995

Current position

Research scientist at CEA, Laboratoire de Biologie du Développement des Plantes, UMR 7265 CNRS, CEA, Aix-Marseille II, Saint-Paul-lez-Durance Cedex, France

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Cardona-Lopez, X., Cuyas, L., Marin, E., Rajulu, C., Irigoyen, M. L., Gil, E., Puga, M. I., Bligny, R., Nussaume, L., Geldner, N., Paz-Ares, J. and Rubio, V. (2015). ESCRT-III-Associated Protein ALIX Mediates High-Affinity Phosphate Transporter Trafficking to Maintain Phosphate Homeostasis in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 27(9): 2560-2581.
  2. Ayadi, A., David, P., Arrighi, J. F., Chiarenza, S., Thibaud, M. C., Nussaume, L. and Marin, E. (2015). Reducing the genetic redundancy of Arabidopsis PHOSPHATE TRANSPORTER1 transporters to study phosphate uptake and signaling. Plant Physiol 167(4): 1511-1526.
  3. Hirsch, J., Misson, J., Crisp, P. A., David, P., Bayle, V., Estavillo, G. M., Javot, H., Chiarenza, S., Mallory, A. C., Maizel, A., Declerck, M., Pogson, B. J., Vaucheret, H., Crespi, M., Desnos, T., Thibaud, M. C., Nussaume, L. and Marin, E. (2011). A novel fry1 allele reveals the existence of a mutant phenotype unrelated to 5'->3' exoribonuclease (XRN) activities in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. PLoS One 6(2): e16724.
  4. Nussaume, L., Kanno, S., Javot, H., Marin, E., Pochon, N., Ayadi, A., Nakanishi, T. M. and Thibaud, M. C. (2011). Phosphate Import in Plants: Focus on the PHT1 Transporters. Front Plant Sci 2: 83.
  5. Estavillo, G. M., Crisp, P. A., Pornsiriwong, W., Wirtz, M., Collinge, D., Carrie, C., Giraud, E., Whelan, J., David, P., Javot, H., Brearley, C., Hell, R., Marin, E. and Pogson, B. J. (2011). Evidence for a SAL1-PAP chloroplast retrograde pathway that functions in drought and high light signaling in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 23(11): 3992-4012.
  6. Marin, E., Jouannet, V., Herz, A., Lokerse, A. S., Weijers, D., Vaucheret, H., Nussaume, L., Crespi, M. D. and Maizel, A. (2010). miR390, Arabidopsis TAS3 tasiRNAs, and their AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR targets define an autoregulatory network quantitatively regulating lateral root growth. Plant Cell 22(4): 1104-1117.
Protocols by Elena Marin
  1. Measurement of 33P-PO4 Absorption Capacity and Root-to-leaf Transfer in Arabidopsis
  2. Measurement of 33P-PO4 Absorption Kinetic Constants in Arabidopsis