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Fengkai  Li

Fengkai Li


B.S., School of Life Science, Henan University, 2010

Current position

Pharmaceutical and Health Science, Kanazawa University College of Medical (2014-present)


  1. Kitajima, S., Kohno, S., Kondoh, A., Sasaki, N., Nishimoto, Y., Li, F., Abdallah Mohammed, M. S., Muranaka, H., Nagatani, N., Suzuki, M., Kido, Y. and Takahashi, C. (2015). Undifferentiated State Induced by Rb-p53 Double Inactivation in Mouse Thyroid Neuroendocrine Cells and Embryonic Fibroblasts. Stem Cells 33(5): 1657-1669.
Protocols by Fengkai Li
  1. Generation of Mouse Thyroid Calcitonin-producing Cell Tumors from Primary Mouse Tumors