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Aleksandr  Gavrin

Aleksandr Gavrin


Ph.D., Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 2013

Current position

Postdoctoral research associate, Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK


  1. Clarke, V. C., Loughlin, P. C., Gavrin, A., Chen, C., Brear, E. M., Day, D. A. and Smith, P. M. (2015). Proteomic analysis of the soybean symbiosome identifies new symbiotic proteins. Mol Cell Proteomics 14(5): 1301-1322.
  2. Gavrin, A., Jansen, V., Ivanov, S., Bisseling, T. and Fedorova, E. (2015). ARP2/3-Mediated Actin Nucleation Associated With Symbiosome Membrane Is Essential for the Development of Symbiosomes in Infected Cells of Medicago truncatula Root Nodules. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 28(5): 605-614.
  3. Gavrin, A., Kaiser, B. N., Geiger, D., Tyerman, S. D., Wen, Z., Bisseling, T. and Fedorova, E. E. (2014). Adjustment of host cells for accommodation of symbiotic bacteria: vacuole defunctionalization, HOPS suppression, and TIP1g retargeting in Medicago. Plant Cell 26(9): 3809-3822.
  4. Kuyukina, M. S., Ivshina, I. B., Gavrin, A. Y., Podorozhko, E. A., Lozinsky, V. I., Jeffree, C. E. and Philp, J. C. (2006). Immobilization of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria in poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogels hydrophobized using a biosurfactant. J Microbiol Methods 65(3): 596-603.
Protocols by Aleksandr Gavrin
  1. Quantification of the Volume and Surface Area of Symbiosomes and Vacuoles of Infected Cells in Root Nodules of Medicago truncatula