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Ana Belén Carrillo-Gálvez

Ana Belén Carrillo-Gálvez


Master in Research and Advances at Molecular and Cellular Immunology, University of Granada, Spain, 2012

Current position

Ph.D. student, Centre for Genomics and Oncological Research (GENYO), Spain


  1. Carrillo-Galvez, A. B., Cobo, M., Cuevas-Ocaña, S., Gutiérrez-Guerrero, A., Sánchez-Gilabert, A., Bongarzone, P., Garcia-Perez, A., Muñoz, P., Benabdellah, K., Toscano, M. G., Martín, F. and Anderson, P. (2015). Mesenchymal stromal cells express GARP/LRRC32 on their surface: effects on their biology and immunomodulatory capacity. Stem Cells 33(1): 183-195.
  2. Anderson, P., Carrillo-Galvez, A. B., Garcia-Perez, A., Cobo, M. and Martin, F. (2013). CD105 (endoglin)-negative murine mesenchymal stromal cells define a new multipotent subpopulation with distinct differentiation and immunomodulatory capacities. PLoS One 8(10): e76979.
Protocols by Ana Belén Carrillo-Gálvez
  1. Isolation of Murine Adipose Tissue-derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (mASCs) and the Analysis of Their Proliferation in vitro