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Michael Peter Smith

Michael Peter Smith


Ph.D. in Molecular Cancer Studies, University of Manchester, 2013

Current position

CRUK Research Associate, University of Manchester, Claudia Wellbrock Lab (2014-present)


  1. Erice, O.*, Smith, M. P.*, White, R., Goicoechea, I., Barriuso, J., Jones, C., Margison, G. P., Acosta, J. C., Wellbrock, C. and Arozarena, I. (2015). MGMT expression predicts PARP-mediated resistance to temozolomide. Mol Cancer Ther 14(5): 1236-1246. (*Equal contribution)
  2. Smith, M. P., Sanchez-Laorden, B., O'Brien, K., Brunton, H., Ferguson, J., Young, H., Dhomen, N., Flaherty, K. T., Frederick, D. T., Cooper, Z. A., Wargo, J. A., Marais, R. and Wellbrock, C. (2014). The immune microenvironment confers resistance to MAPK pathway inhibitors through macrophage-derived TNFalpha. Cancer Discov 4(10): 1214-1229.
  3. Smith, M. P., Ferguson, J., Arozarena, I., Hayward, R., Marais, R., Chapman, A., Hurlstone, A. and Wellbrock, C. (2013). Effect of SMURF2 targeting on susceptibility to MEK inhibitors in melanoma. J Natl Cancer Inst 105(1): 33-46.
Protocols by Michael Peter Smith
  1. Differentiation of THP1 Cells into Macrophages for Transwell Co-culture Assay with Melanoma Cells