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Yi  Zhang

Yi Zhang


Ph. D., Julius-von-Sachs-Institute of Biosciences, Botany I, Department of Molecular Plant Physiology and Biophysics, University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany, 2014


Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Case School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


  1. Zhang, Y., Lee, C. W., Wehner, N., Imdahl, F., Svetlana, V., Weiste, C., Droge-Laser, W. and Deeken, R. (2015). Regulation of oncogene expression in T-DNA-transformed host plant cells. PLoS Pathog 11(1): e1004620.
  2. Shen, H., Liu, C., Zhang, Y., Meng, X., Zhou, X., Chu, C. and Wang, X. (2012). OsWRKY30 is activated by MAP kinases to confer drought tolerance in rice. Plant Mol Biol 80(3): 241-253.
Protocols by Yi Zhang
  1. 5’ Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends (5’ RACE) of Agrobacterial T-DNA Genes within Transformed Plant Sample