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Anastasia  Gromova

Anastasia Gromova


B.A. in Biology, University of San Diego, 2011

Current position

Research Assistant in Development, Aging and Regeneration Program, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute


  1. Zhuang, L.*, Hulin, J. A.*, Gromova, A.*, Tran Nguyen, T. D., Yu, R. T., Liddle, C., Downes, M., Evans, R. M., Makarenkova, H. P. and Meech, R. (2014). Barx2 and Pax7 have antagonistic functions in regulation of wnt signaling and satellite cell differentiation. Stem Cells 32(6): 1661-1673. (*These authors equally contributed to this work)
  2. Voronov, D.*, Gromova, A.*, Liu, D., Zoukhri, D., Medvinsky, A., Meech, R. and Makarenkova, H. P. (2013). Transcription factors Runx1 to 3 are expressed in the lacrimal gland epithelium and are involved in regulation of gland morphogenesis and regeneration. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 54(5): 3115-3125. (*These authors equally contributed to this work)
  3. Meech, R., Gonzalez, K. N., Barro, M., Gromova, A., Zhuang, L., Hulin, J. A. and Makarenkova, H. P. (2012). Barx2 is expressed in satellite cells and is required for normal muscle growth and regeneration. Stem Cells 30(2): 253-265.
  4. Tsau, C., Ito, M., Gromova, A., Hoffman, M. P., Meech, R. and Makarenkova, H. P. (2011). Barx2 and Fgf10 regulate ocular glands branching morphogenesis by controlling extracellular matrix remodeling. Development 138(15): 3307-3317.
Protocols by Anastasia Gromova
  1. FACS-based Satellite Cell Isolation From Mouse Hind Limb Muscles