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Andreas  Beck

Andreas Beck


Dr. rer.nat., Institut für Systematische Botanik, LMU München, 2002

Current position

Research Scientist and Curator of Lichens and Bryophytes at the Botanische Staatssammlung München (since 04/2005)

Publications (selected)

  1. Beck, A., Divakar, P. K., Zhang, N., Molina, M. C. and Struwe, L. (2015). Evidence of ancient horizontal gene transfer between fungi and the terrestrial alga Trebouxia. Org Divers Evol 15: 235-248.
  2. Blum, R., Beck, A., Korte, A., Stengel, A., Letzel, T., Lendzian, K. and Grill, E. (2007). Function of phytochelatin synthase in catabolism of glutathione-conjugates. Plant J 49(4): 740-749.
  3. Beck, A., Lendzian, K., Oven, M., Christmann, A. and Grill, E. (2003). Phytochelatin synthase catalyzes key step in turnover of glutathione conjugates. Phytochemistry 62(3): 423-431.
  4. Beck, A., Kasalicky, T. and Rambold, G. (2002). Myco-photobiontal selection in a Mediterranean cryptogam community with Fulgensia fulgida. New Phytol 153: 317–326.
  5. Beck, A., Friedl, T. and Rambold, G. (1998). Selectivity of photobiont choice in a defined lichen community: inferences from cultural and molecular studies. New Phytol 139: 709–720.
Protocols by Andreas Beck
  1. Genomic DNA Extraction and Genotyping of Dictyochloropsis Green Algae Strains