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Francesco Dal Grande

Francesco Dal Grande


Ph.D. of Science in Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern, 2011

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher, Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F), Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Publications (since 2010)

  1. Singh, G., Dal Grande, F., Divakar, P. K., Otte, J., Leavitt, S. D., Szczepanska, K., Crespo, A., Rico, V. J., Aptroot, A., Caceres, M. E., Lumbsch, H. T. and Schmitt, I. (2015). Coalescent-based species delimitation approach uncovers high cryptic diversity in the cosmopolitan lichen-forming fungal genus Protoparmelia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota). PLoS One 10(5): e0124625.
  2. Sadowska-Deś, A. D., Dal Grande, F., Lumbsch, H. T., Beck, A., Otte, J., Hur, J. S., Kim, J. A. and Schmitt, I. (2014). Integrating coalescent and phylogenetic approaches to delimit species in the lichen photobiont Trebouxia. Mol Phylogenet Evol 76: 202-210.
  3. Dal Grande, F., Beck, A., Cornejo, C., Singh, G., Cheenacharoen, S., Nelsen, M. P. and Scheidegger, C. (2014). Molecular phylogeny and symbiotic selectivity of the green algal genus Dictyochloropsis s.l. (Trebouxiophyceae): a polyphyletic and widespread group forming photobiont-mediated guilds in the lichen family Lobariaceae. New Phytol 202(2): 455-470. 
  4. Tõrra, T., Cornejo, C., Cheenacharoen, S., Dal Grande, F., Marmor, L. and Scheidegger, C. (2014). Characterization of fungus-specific microsatellite markers in the lichen fungus Usnea subfloridana (Parmeliaceae). Appl Plant Sci 2(7).
  5. Dal Grande, F., Alors, D., Divakar, P. K., Balint, M., Crespo, A. and Schmitt, I. (2014). Insights into intrathalline genetic diversity of the cosmopolitan lichen symbiotic green alga Trebouxia decolorans Ahmadjian using microsatellite markers. Mol Phylogenet Evol 72: 54-60.
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Protocols by Francesco Dal Grande
  1. Genomic DNA Extraction and Genotyping of Dictyochloropsis Green Algae Strains