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Shahin S. Ali

Shahin S. Ali


Ph.D. in Biology and Environmental Science, University College Dublin, Ireland, 2012

Current position

Visiting Scientist, USDA/ARS Sustainable Perennial Crops Lab, BARC, Beltsville, MD, USA (01/2013-present)


Peer reviewed journal articles

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Book chapter

  1. McPhee, K. E., Croser, J., Sarmah, B. K., Ali, S. S., Amla, D. V., Rrajesh, P. N., Zhang, H. B. and Higgins, T. J. (2006). Development of Transgenics in Chickpea. In: Yadav, S. (ed). Chickpea breeding and management. CAB International 462-478.
Protocols by Shahin S. Ali
  1. Virus-induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) in Barley Seedling Leaves
  2. Visual Assessment of the Severity of Fusarium Seedling Blight (FSB) and Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) Disease in Barley