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Patrice  Lerouge

Patrice Lerouge


Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, Université de Rouen, France, 1984

Current position

Professor of Biochemistry, University of Rouen, France (since 1996)
Director of the laboratory “Glyco-MEV”, University of Rouen, France (since 2008)


Please find Dr. Patrice Lerouge’s publications here, http://glycomev.univ-rouen.fr/CV-%20French-English/Patrice.html

Protocols by Patrice Lerouge
  1. A Simple Protocol for the Immunolabelling of Arabidopsis Pollen Tube Membranes and Cell Wall Polymers
  2. Analysis of Sugar Component of a Hot Water Extract from Arabidopsis thaliana Pollen Tubes Using GC-EI-MS