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Saïda  Dadi

Saïda Dadi


PhD in Immunology/Medical Research Université de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France, 2010

Current position

Research Fellow, Immunology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, USA


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  2. Luo, C. T., Liao, W., Dadi, S., Toure, A. and Li, M. O. (2016). Graded Foxo1 activity in Treg cells differentiates tumour immunity from spontaneous autoimmunity. Nature 529(7587): 532-536.      
  3. Dadi, S.*, Le Noir, S.*, Payet-Bornet, D.*, Lhermitte, L., Zacarias-Cabeza, J., Bergeron, J., Villarèse, P., Vachez, E., Dik, W. A. and Millien, C. (2012). TLX homeodomain oncogenes mediate T cell maturation arrest in T-ALL via interaction with ETS1 and suppression of TCRα gene expression. Cancer cell 21(4): 563-576.
  4. Dadi, S., Le Noir, S., Asnafi, V., Beldjord, K. and Macintyre, E. A. (2009). Normal and pathological V (D) J recombination: contribution to the understanding of human lymphoid malignancies. V (D) J Recombination, Springer: 180-194.
Protocols by Saïda Dadi
  1. ImmunoPrecipitation of Nuclear Protein with Antibody Affinity Columns
  2. Co-Streptavidin Precipitation