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Céline Massera


Professional Master 2 in Biology, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble, 2008

Current position

Engineer in Biology, LAPM, UMR5163, Jean Roget Institute, Grenoble, France


  1. Cavailles, P., Flori, P., Papapietro, O., Bisanz, C., Lagrange, D., Pilloux, L., Massera, C., Cristinelli, S., Jublot, D., Bastien, O., Loeuillet, C., Aldebert, D., Touquet, B., Fournie, G. J. and Cesbron-Delauw, M. F. (2014). A highly conserved Toxo1 haplotype directs resistance to toxoplasmosis and its associated caspase-1 dependent killing of parasite and host macrophage. PLoS Pathog 10(4): e1004005.
Protocols by Céline Massera
  1. Cyst Detection in Toxoplasma gondii Infected Mice and Rats Brain