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Alejandro  Avilés-Reyes

Alejandro Avilés-Reyes


Ph.D in Microbiology & Immunology, University of Rochester, 2016

Current position

Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Oral Biology, University of Florida


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  6.  Abranches, J.*, Tijerina, P.*, Avilés-Reyes, A.*, Gaca, A. O., Kajfasz, J. K. and Lemos, J. A. (2014). The cell wall-targeting antibiotic stimulon of Enterococcus faecalis. PLoS One 8(6): e64875. (*Authors contributed equally to this work)
Protocols by Alejandro Avilés-Reyes
  1. Lectin Binding Analysis of Streptococcus mutans Glycoproteins
  2. Ex vivo Model of Human Aortic Valve Bacterial Colonization