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Mehdi  Jabnoune

Mehdi Jabnoune


Ph.D. in Integrative Plant Biology, IBIP, SupAgro in Montpellier, France, 2008

Current position

First Assistant, Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Publications (since 2008)

  1. Jabnoune, M., Secco, D., Lecampion, C., Robaglia, C., Shu, Q. and Poirier, Y. (2013). A rice cis-natural antisense RNA acts as a translational enhancer for its cognate mRNA and contributes to phosphate homeostasis and plant fitness. Plant Cell 25(10): 4166-4182.
  2. Secco, D., Jabnoune, M., Walker, H., Shou, H., Wu, P., Poirier, Y. and Whelan, J. (2013). Spatio-temporal transcript profiling of rice roots and shoots in response to phosphate starvation and recovery. Plant Cell 25(11): 4285-4304.
  3. Corratge-Faillie, C., Jabnoune, M., Zimmermann, S., Very, A. A., Fizames, C. and Sentenac, H. (2010). Potassium and sodium transport in non-animal cells: the Trk/Ktr/HKT transporter family. Cell Mol Life Sci 67(15): 2511-2532.
  4. Jabnoune, M., Espeout, S., Mieulet, D., Fizames, C., Verdeil, J. L., Conejero, G., Rodriguez-Navarro, A., Sentenac, H., Guiderdoni, E., Abdelly, C. and Very, A. A. (2009). Diversity in expression patterns and functional properties in the rice HKT transporter family. Plant Physiol 150(4): 1955-1971.
Protocols by Mehdi Jabnoune
  1. RNA Editing Detection by Direct Sequencing
  2. Isolation of Polysome-bound mRNA from Rice Solid Tissues Amenable for RT-PCR and Profiling Experiments
  3. An Efficient Procedure for Protoplast Isolation from Mesophyll Cells and Nuclear Fractionation in Rice