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Martina Friesland


Certified Technician in Spain, “Técnico Superior en Laboratorio Diagnóstico Clínico”-“High-Level Technician in Laboratories of Clinical Diagnostics” Vocational training at the IES Benjamín Rúa High School, Madrid, Spain, 2014
Certified Technician in Germany, “Staatlich anerkannte biologisch-technische Assistentin”- “Biologic-technical Assistent recognized by the state“ Vocational training at the Dr. Heinemann Vocational School, Braunschweig, Germany, 2007

Current position

Technician at Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, the National Center of Biotechnology, Madrid, Spain (since 2011)
Group leader: Dr. Pablo Gastaminza Landart


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Protocols by Martina Friesland
  1. Infection Experiments (Hepatitis C Virus)