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Lidia  Mingorance

Lidia Mingorance


Master´s degree in Molecular Biomedicine, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), 2010
Certificate of Pedagogical Attainment (CAP), University of Granada, 2009

Current position

Ph.D. at the National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid

Publications (since 2005)

  1. Friesland, M., Mingorance, L., Chung, J., Chisari, F. V. and Gastaminza, P. (2013). Sigma-1 receptor regulates early steps of viral RNA replication at the onset of hepatitis C virus infection. J Virol 87(11): 6377-6390.
  2. Gomez, C. E., Perdiguero, B., Cepeda, M. V., Mingorance, L., Garcia-Arriaza, J., Vandermeeren, A., Sorzano, C. O. and Esteban, M. (2013). High, broad, polyfunctional, and durable T cell immune responses induced in mice by a novel hepatitis C virus (HCV) vaccine candidate (MVA-HCV) based on modified vaccinia virus Ankara expressing the nearly full-length HCV genome. J Virol 87(13): 7282-7300.
Protocols by Lidia Mingorance
  1. Infection Experiments (Hepatitis C Virus)