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Elisabeth J. Eilers

Elisabeth J. Eilers


Dr. rer. nat., Max-Planck Institut für Chemische Ökologie, Jena and Freie Universität Berlin, 2012

Current position

Post doc at Freie Universität Berlin, Department of Applied Zoology/Animal Ecology, CRC 973, Project B1 (11/2012 to date)
Principal Investigator: Prof. Monika Hilker. http://sfb973.de


  1. Kallenbach, M., Oh, Y., Eilers, E. J., Veit, D., Baldwin, I. T. and Schuman, M. C. (2014). A robust, simple, high-throughput technique for time-resolved plant volatile analysis in field experiments. Plant J 78(6): 1060-1072.
  2. Eilers, E. J., Talarico, G., Hansson, B. S., Hilker, M. and Reinecke, A. (2012). Sensing the underground--ultrastructure and function of sensory organs in root-feeding Melolontha melolontha (Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae) larvae. PLoS One 7(7): e41357.
  3. Eilers, E. J., Kremen, C., Smith Greenleaf, S., Garber, A. K. and Klein, A. M. (2011). Contribution of pollinator-mediated crops to nutrients in the human food supply. PLoS One 6(6): e21363.
  4. Eilers, E. J. and Klein, A.-M. (2009). Landscape context and management effects on an important insect pest and its natural enemies in almond. Biol Control 51(3): 388-394.
Protocols by Elisabeth J. Eilers
  1. Application of Silicone Tubing for Robust, Simple, High-throughput, and Time-resolved Analysis of Plant Volatiles in Field Experiments