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Lijie  Xuan

Lijie Xuan


B.S. in Seed Science and Engineering, Nanjing Agriculture University, 2011

Current position

Ph.D. candidate, Plant Genetics and Breeding, Zhejiang University (09/2011-present)

Publications (2014)

  1. Chen, M., Xuan, L., Wang, Z., Zhou, L., Li, Z., Du, X., Ali, E., Zhang, G. and Jiang, L.* (2014). TRANSPARENT TESTA8 inhibits seed fatty acid accumulation by targeting several seed development regulators in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol 165(2): 905-916.
  2. Wang, Z., Chen, M., Chen, T., Xuan, L., Li, Z., Du, X., Zhou, L., Zhang, G. and Jiang, L.* (2014). TRANSPARENT TESTA2 regulates embryonic fatty acid biosynthesis by targeting FUSCA3 during the early developmental stage of Arabidopsis seeds. Plant J 77(5): 757-769. (*Corresponding author)
Protocols by Lijie Xuan
  1. Vanillin Assay of Arabidopsis Seeds for Proanthocyanidins