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Smita  Nair

Smita Nair


Ph.D. in Molecular Virology from Department of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 2010

Current position

Research Fellow at Faculty of Infectious and Tropical diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK (02/2014-present)


Peer-reviewed research publications

  1. Nair, S. and Rein, A. (2014). Antiretroviral restriction factors in mice. Virus Res. (Epub ahead of print)
  2. Nair, S., Sanchez-Martinez, S., Ji, X. and Rein, A. (2014). Biochemical and biological studies of mouse APOBEC3. J Virol 88(7): 3850-3860.
  3.  Nair, S. and Savithri, H. S. (2010). Natively unfolded nucleic acid binding P8 domain of SeMV polyprotein 2a affects the novel ATPase activity of the preceding P10 domain. FEBS Lett 584(3): 571-576.
  4.  Nair, S. and Savithri, H. S. (2010). Processing of SeMV polyproteins revisited. Virology 396(1): 106-117.
  5. Nair, S., Gayathri, P., Murthy, M. R. and Savithri, H. S. (2008). Stacking interactions of W271 and H275 of SeMV serine protease with W43 of natively unfolded VPg confer catalytic activity to protease. Virology 382(1): 83-90.
  6. Gayathri, P., Satheshkumar, P. S., Prasad, K., Nair, S., Savithri, H. S. and Murthy, M. R. (2006). Crystal structure of the serine protease domain of Sesbania mosaic virus polyprotein and mutational analysis of residues forming the S1-binding pocket. Virology 346(2): 440-451.

Book chapter

  1. Nair, S. , Murthy, M. R. N. and Savithri, H. S. (2012). Intrinsically disordered domains of the structural and non-structural proteins of Sesbania mosaic virus and their functional role. In: Uversky, V. and Longhi, S. (eds). Flexible viruses: structural disorder within viral proteins. John Wiley & Sons publ.
Protocols by Smita Nair
  1. In vitro Assay for Cytidine Deaminase Activity of APOBEC3 Protein