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Vamseedhar Rayaprolu


Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Montana State University, Bozeman, USA, 2013

Current position

Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Montana State University


  1. Rayaprolu, V., Kruse, S., Kant, R., Venkatakrishnan, B., Movahed, N., Brooke, D., Lins, B., Bennett, A., Potter, T., McKenna, R., Agbandje-McKenna, M. and Bothner, B. (2013). Comparative analysis of adeno-associated virus capsid stability and dynamics. J Virol 87(24): 13150-13160.
  2. Rayaprolu, V., Manning, B. M., Douglas, T. and Bothner, B. (2010). Virus particles as active nanomaterials that can rapidly change their viscoelastic properties in response to dilute solutions. Soft Matter 6(21): 5286-5288.
  3. Heinemann, J., Maaty, W. S., Gauss, G. H., Akkaladevi, N., Brumfield, S. K., Rayaprolu, V., Young, M. J., Lawrence, C. M. and Bothner, B. (2011). Fossil record of an archaeal HK97-like provirus. Virology 417(2): 362-368.
Protocols by Vamseedhar Rayaprolu
  1. Fluorometric Estimation of Viral Thermal Stability