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Frances Separovic


Ph.D. (part time), School of Physics, University of NSW (1986-1992)

Current position

Head, School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne (2010-present)
Professor, School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne (2005-present)

Publications (selected)

Total 195 papers and 217 conference proceedings

  1. Fernandez, D. I., Le Brun, A. P., Whitwell, T. C., Sani, M. A., James, M. and Separovic, F. (2012). The antimicrobial peptide aurein 1.2 disrupts model membranes via the carpet mechanism. Phys Chem Chem Phys 14(45): 15739-15751.
  2. Sani, M. A., Gehman, J. D. and Separovic, F. (2011). Lipid matrix plays a role in Abeta fibril kinetics and morphology. FEBS Lett 585(5): 749-754.
  3. Burrell, G. L., Dunlop, N. F. and Separovic, F. (2010). Non-Newtonian viscous shear thinning in ionic liquids. Soft Matter 6(9): 2080-2086.
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  6. Anderluh, G., Razpotnik, A., Podlesek, Z., Macek, P., Separovic, F. and Norton, R. S. (2005). Interaction of the eukaryotic pore-forming cytolysin equinatoxin II with model membranes: 19F NMR studies. J Mol Biol 347(1): 27-39.
  7. de Planque, M. R., Rijkers, D. T., Fletcher, J. I., Liskamp, R. M. and Separovic, F. (2004). The alphaM1 segment of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor exhibits conformational flexibility in a membrane environment. Biochim Biophys Acta 1665(1-2): 40-47.
  8. Bonev, B. B., Lam, Y. H., Anderluh, G., Watts, A., Norton, R. S. and Separovic, F. (2003). Effects of the eukaryotic pore-forming cytolysin Equinatoxin II on lipid membranes and the role of sphingomyelin. Biophys J 84(4): 2382-2392.
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  10. Kishore, A., Herberstein, M., Craig, C. and Separovic, F. (2002). Solid‐state NMR relaxation studies of Australian spider silks. Biopolymers 61(4): 287-297.
Protocols by Frances Separovic
  1. Bacterial Fluorescent-dextran Diffusion Assay
  2. Dye Release Experiments with Dextran Loaded Vesicles