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Tonni Grube Andersen


Ph.D., Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences, University of Copenhagen, 2012

Current position

Marie Curie IEF Fellow, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Publications (since 2007)

  1. Andersen, T. G. and Halkier, B. A. (2014). Upon bolting the GTR1 and GTR2 transporters mediate transport of glucosinolates to the inflorescence rather than roots. Plant Signal Behav 9(1).
  2. Andersen, T. G., Nour-Eldin, H. H., Fuller, V. L., Olsen, C. E., Burow, M. and Halkier, B. A. (2013). Integration of biosynthesis and long-distance transport establish organ-specific glucosinolate profiles in vegetative Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 25(8): 3133-3145.
  3. Silvestro, D., Andersen, T. G., Schaller, H. and Jensen, P. E. (2013). Plant sterol metabolism. Delta(7)-Sterol-C5-desaturase (STE1/DWARF7), Delta(5,7)-sterol-Delta(7)-reductase (DWARF5) and Delta(24)-sterol-Delta(24)-reductase (DIMINUTO/DWARF1) show multiple subcellular localizations in Arabidopsis thaliana (Heynh) L. PLoS One 8(2): e56429.
  4. Nour-Eldin, H. H., Andersen, T. G., Burow, M., Madsen, S. R., Jorgensen, M. E., Olsen, C. E., Dreyer, I., Hedrich, R., Geiger, D. and Halkier, B. A. (2012). NRT/PTR transporters are essential for translocation of glucosinolate defence compounds to seeds. Nature 488(7412): 531-534.
Protocols by Tonni Grube Andersen
  1. Grafting Arabidopsis